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Rock Band VR

With Rock Band VR fast approaching, it looks like Harmonix is keen to detail exactly what you'll be doing when the novelty of VR runs out. In addition to the classic style of slamming keys in sync with a scrolling fretboard, you'll also have a "story" mode to work through in the Oculus exclusive game.

The producer and writer for the game, Katie Naka, writes over on the Harmonix blog, "Since our goal with VR gameplay was to provide the player with as authentic an experience as possible, we wanted to do the same with our narrative. I can tell you that our first draft of the story probably contained enough material for a full length animated film."

"The final result shows your bandmates (Derek, Maddy, and Wes) as unique characters with relationships to each other and you that are revealed over the course of your band Autoblaster's journey from playing dirty local bars to decadent theater." Could this be similar to absolute classic film This is Spinal Tap? Hopefully the game goes to 11!

Along with that short description comes a reveal of an additional 20 songs in the game. We now know 41 of the 60 songs that will be present in the final product. You'll notice a few repeats from past Rock Band titles:

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