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Announced today at MineCon, "Add-Ons" have been dated for Minecraft's Pocket, Windows 10, and Gear VR versions. Don't get too excited though!

Microsoft falls one step short of calling them full-on mods, as the phrase "tweak" is used to describe how these will mostly play out. You'll be able to edit text files basically, which you can share with other players, or upload to a Realm. A community created add-on will kick this off called Castle Seige, and the developers will add in block and item alteration in the future.

So it's not as open as the original Java version of the game, where you could basically edit anything like an old school PC game -- now the unfortunate product of a bygone era. Thankfully that edition still exists, although it's likely a matter of time until Microsoft moves over to their curated Pocket/Windows 10 platform entirely.

Add-Ons will arrive on October 18.

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