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Star Control: Origins

I have a heavy bias toward Star Control. It is one of the first PC games I ever fell in love with alongside MYST, though my original introduction to the series took place on the Sega Genesis. The original Star Control is likely not worth going back to for most. Sluggish, dull, and lacking an interesting campaign mode, the highlight is the one-on-one melee battle where two players pit a fleet of ships against one another in arena combat; a sort of two-player Asteroids with multiple ships and abilities.

Me and my dad played it for hours and hours. The campaign mode was less interesting, putting players on a static map of stars in a board game style conquest where conflicts were handled in the same melee combat. When I heard about Star Control 2, the PC and 3DO sequel, I was ecstatic. And when I did finally get a chance to play it at my friend's house on 3DO, I was blown away by how good it was.

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