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Badass Hero

I was well-aware that nuance wouldn't be this game's strong suit when I booked an appointment with Awesome Game Studio to see Badass Hero. It takes a certain kind of wildly confident team to settle on names that are so incredibly blunt. Points for bravado, I guess. Points for accuracy too, because, as much as we've seen, Badass Hero features a badass hero and it definitely seems like it could be an awesome game.

Badass Hero deals in a sort of brash fantasy that's found on the pages of a comic book. The titular badass works his way across three issues, each screen serving as a single frame in the book. There's all sorts of mystic powers at play, but our protagonist seems as if he's content to use good old-fashioned guns and explosives to brute his way through most of the game's perils.

Most of our demo was spent in a jungle level fighting skeletons but that's only part of the overarching theme. Apparently, the broader concept is that there are Neo-Nazis with nefarious plans that we're trying to take down. Talking with founder Marcin Draszczuk, the founder of the Polish studio, he said "Yeah, we don't really like Nazis. More than most."

As Draszczuk gave me the basics of Badass Hero, Zack sat down next to me and beat two bosses before I finished the tutorial. What a dang wunderkind. Maybe it was just that mouse and keyboard advantage. Sure, let's call it that.

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