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South Park: The Fractured but Whole

Two years ago, South Park introduced many of its watchers to yaoi. It's a Japanese genre of anime/manga that fictionalizes a romantic relationship between males. Boys' love, basically.

In Season 19 Episode 6, the Asian girls at school started drawing Tweek and Craig yaoi and the whole town just assumed they were gay. And, while they spend the episode wrestling with this, they do eventually fall for each other. South Park has a gay couple that isn't there to be the butt of jokes. There's actually an episode earlier this season where Craig learns how to emotionally support Tweek by just caring about his feelings rather than trying to rationalize with him. It's very sweet.

The Fractured but Whole, the newest South Park game, further explores this relationship through a major sidequest. But, it's also the subject of the largest collectible hunt, as you're tasked with finding 40 Tweek and Craig yaoi pictures that are scattered around South Park (and you get one bonus picture for nabbing them all).

We found them and basically all of them are super cute. So, we're sharing them. They're all in the gallery below (the gallery only previews a few, but they're all there to scroll through). Don't worry about spoilers or anything, as they're just a bunch of kawaii portraits. In fact, many of them were featured in that yaoi episode, but it seems like some of them are new. Who knows. Don't think about it too much and just enjoy some boys' love.

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