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I was late to the party with the new Doom. I picked only picked up the game a few weeks ago. Abd by now, all the reviews have been written, everyone knows its great. There are already tons of articles, opinion pieces, and editorials out there gushing about it, talking about how successfully it captures the spirit of the original Doom.

I suppose this is going to be another one. But, in the spirit of the over-the-top escalation that defines the Doom series (why use a shotgun when you can use a super shotgun? Why cut down demons with a chaingun when you could mulch them with a triple-chaingun?) I'm gonna take it a step further. I think Doom (2016) is flat out a better game than Doom (1993).

I don't say this because of the fancy 3D graphics, or the pure murder-fuel soundtrack, or even the fact that you can look up (though those are all pretty great in their own right). No, I think Doom (2016) is a better game than Doom (1993) because it solved a simple problem of the original.

I actually use all the guns.

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