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Finji has been gradually building out Overland, its tactical squad-based survival game about trekking across an invaded North America, with a paid early-access program. There are a couple thousand players so far, and that's by design -- the developer has intentionally limited how many alpha game keys it sells. Tomorrow, though, that's changing, and for the better.

Overland's "First Access" program is opening up on August 30, 2016, so if you want to buy in to play the unfinished game, you'll be able to do exactly that for $20 through either the official site or

As you can see from this trailer, it's a darn-cool game. There are dogs and, as of tomorrow's update, they'll be able to wear backpacks. A few other things are planned, too: a refreshed user interface, item trading between survivors, and the ability for streamers to name characters after Twitch chat users.

Just don't let any pups catch on fire (or die in one of the many other possible ways).

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