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Malicious Fallen

Back in 2012 (or 2010 if you're in Japan), Malicious kind of came and went. I knew a few people who were really into it given the relative drought of action games these days (at least, relative to the PS2 and beginning of the PS3 eras), but for the most part, people just respond with a blank stare when I talk about it.

Well, it's getting another shot, and will be reintroduced to the world as Malicious Fallen for PS4. It's a remastered version with new abilities, levels, and bosses, and still deals with using the Mantle of Cinders to defeat the big bad, called "Malicious." It's not years away, either, because while we don't have an exact date yet, Sony just put up an English trailer for it that you can watch below.

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