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Valkyria: Azure Revolution

Taking a beloved strategy series and essentially transforming it into an action game was always going to be a risk. And for developer MediaVision with Valkyria: Azure Revolution, it didn't seem to pay off.

Japanese players got their hands on the demo recently and did not take well to the changes. According to director Takeshi Kozawa, they're going to alter the core game based on feedback, which notes that they will add in more RPG elements, take away the time stop power, make combat more strategic, and even add a party member.

Kozawa even notes that fans expect a certain playstyle from this franchise, and will adjust accordingly with a new demo in the summer. The game is still on track for a late 2016 release in Japan. It's pretty humbling to see such a big developer (they created the Wild Arms series in the 90s!) listen to fans like this, although I wish I could have tried the demo for myself to judge.

Valkyria [Esuteru via Siliconera]

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