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Killing Floor 2

I've been playing a ton of Killing Floor 2 since it came to Steam Early Access April 2015, and it's been great, bloody fun. For those of you who tend to skip Early Access or prefer playing on PlayStation 4, your wait is almost over.

On November 18, Killing Floor 2 is exiting Early Access on PC and also coming to the PS4. The base PC version will cost $29.99, while $39.99 nabs you the deluxe edition. Both the retail and downloadable versions for PS4 will only be in the deluxe variant and will cost $39.99. The special edition includes the DJ Scully character, extra cosmetics, a digital artbook, and part of the game's rocking soundtrack.

You're gonna have to take note of all this because I want more people to play with. There's also a new opt-in beta that started yesterday for those of you playing already that include a litany of class changes as well as the new SWAT perk. I'll be writing about that in the near future.

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