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Silent Hill

Western horror, Eastern eyes. That was what made Silent Hill memorable for a generation. It was visceral and relentless, oppressive and paranoid, and underlined with a tragic tale that hadn’t been seen on the normally escapist PlayStation back catalogue before, or at least beyond Japanese shores.

Whereas Resident Evil popped with primary, comic book colours, Silent Hill opted for a muted palette. All rotting wood, dirty white wash, dark and dying greens, conformist blues, and pale stone; only bursting life when it’s nothing but rust and blood.

The sequel might be the de facto template for an entire franchise, but it’s easy to forget how the world – a warped and broken reflection of small-town America – was already there, like it always had been, ready to take us into the unknown. And if we wanted to survive, we had to face and endure the hard truth behind closed doors.

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