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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Thicker than Water

[This review contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season One and Tales from the Borderlands.]

When I said A New Frontier was shaping up to be the most consistently good Telltale game since the first season of The Walking Dead, some took that to mean I was calling A New Frontier the "best" Telltale game, over fan favorites like Tales from the Borderlands or The Walking Dead Season One. I can understand the confusion, since video games are an extremely iterative medium and proper usage of that iteration is often lauded by the games press.

But I chose my words very carefully – there's a crucial difference between "consistently good" and "the best." The former might not amaze quite as often as the latter, but you can reasonably expect the whole thing to be of a certain level of quality. To be even more explicit: I think Tales from the Borderlands is the best Telltale game, but it's not "consistently good" because the first couple episodes weren't up to the standards of the incredible back half.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I was wrong and A New Frontier kinda dropped the ball in this latest installment.

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