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Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush is, unquestionably, one of my favourite video games. Utilising the game’s gravity shifting mechanics to explore the world and collect hidden gems was an absolute delight. Not only that, but the soundtrack was excellent and the characters were all highly entertaining and charming.

In a sense, however, it felt a little constrained by the PlayStation Vita’s hardware. The game’s open world could feel a little small, and there wasn’t too much variety in terms of mission design. I can completely understand why someone would criticise the game over such things, despite my own enjoyment of the overall experience.

Judging by the footage previously displayed at Famitsu’s first “Gravity-Tsu” live-stream, it looked as if the developers had taken such feedback into consideration when creating the sequel by expanding upon the open world and making adjustments to the combat system.

Now, with the game being much closer to release, a second “Gravity-Tsu” stream was held on August 18. While it was originally streamed to NicoNico, it required a paid membership in order to view an archive of the footage. It has since been uploaded to the official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel. This stream contains over 25 minutes of gameplay, and is most definitely worth checking out for fans of the franchise.

For those who just want to look at the gameplay and nothing else, skip to around 22:12 in the video below:

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