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Pokemon Sun and Moon

Being a kid and watching the Pokémon anime, my dream was to eventually travel the world and catch as much information as possible. I also wished that there would be some way that Pokémon could be a real thing with quests to find elusive monsters and a community of people that helped each other. I wanted nothing more than to just walk away and be whisked to a world of wonder.

Maturing into an adult has changed a lot of my hopes, wishes, and dreams. For starters, my purpose in life isn't to simply learn and absorb everything like a sponge; I want to pass on information and help others reach their own potential. I also don't really want crazy monsters roaming the world and potentially killing me on my drive to work.

As such, I'd like to see a Pokémon game that reflects something different within the series. Having just finished the Sun and Moon Special Demo, I’m left wondering why a main series Pokémon game can't be just like this. For clarification, I don't mean 30 minutes long and with totally easy battles.

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