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Kingdom Hearts III

Andy's Room is an absolute stunner. As the E3 demo for Kingdom Hearts III opened, I stood there for a moment, in absolute awe, at what Square Enix had created. Arguably one of the best, most colorful games I've seen, it took me a moment to realize that I was playing a game and not watching Toy Story 3. It was only when Buzz and Woody started to speak, their voices similar to the characters we know and love, that I came back down to Earth. This isn't a movie, it's a game. The horde of Heartless should have probably tipped me off to that.

My time with KH3 was spent in two stages of the game: Andy's Room and battling a massive, two-headed monster on the side of Mount Olympus. Both stages were designed to show me how varied the fights will be in the final product as each featured a boss battle required unique gameplay to defeat. As different as these battles were in scope and design, they did share one thing in common: sloppiness.

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