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Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard is taking a page from Overwatch's playbook, and will introduce an "MVP" system in its next Heroes of the Storm patch. It'll not only highlight the most valuable player after each match, but will also highlight the team as well and display achievements like "Bulwark" (most damage taken by a Warrior), and so on.

The idea will likely encourage people to play better even if they're in a losing situation, just so they can have the honor of being immortalized. There's also a voting system in the form of commendations just like Overwatch.

They've also teased some sort of "extra" reward if you get enough commendations, but it isn't clear if it's a virtual pat on the back or a piece of content. How long will it take until players beg to be commended after giving up halfway just like Dota 2? Probably an hour.

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