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Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Today marks my first time really looking at Paladins, the new team-based shooter from Smite maker Hi-Rez. So, excuse me if this is well-worn territory by now, but boy does it look familiar.

The game comes across as a veritable hodgepodge of recent MOBA and team-shooter designs (and also Groot?). While I realize there's a lot of overlap in this space, a lot of shared inspiration, what I'm seeing here doesn't make for a great first impression. That said, is the game fun?

Those of us who skipped the closed beta can soon find out first-hand. Paladins is now on Steam Early Access with a free open beta should you want to try it after you've had your fill of Overwatch or Battleborn or Paragon or whatever else keeps your eyes glued to the screen these days.

Paladins Enters Open Beta, Available on Steam Now [Steam]

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