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Tom Clancy's The Division: Last Stand

Bodies hanging from hooks, a sign that reads "Fuck off and die" -- did you think that The Division would go out any less hostile than it came in? Agents have been trying to restore order to Manhattan for the better part of a year, but things haven't really gotten any better.

Last Stand, The Division's swan song, is an add-on that we don't know much about yet. Our collective knowledge mostly comes from this teaser trailer (as much as meat hooks and crass signs can tell us). The objective seems to still be a mystery, though.

That should change tomorrow. Ubisoft's hosting a livestream at 8am Pacific to reveal what exactly Last Stand is all about. And, most likely, we'll get a release date too. We'll have the details for you sometime after the stream ends; until then, just watch this teaser for reassurance that Last Stand will certainly be aggressive.

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