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Final Fantasy XV

Back in September, we covered Square Enix's collaboration with Nissin in order to add its Cup Noodle product range into the long-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. Not only was Square Enix to feature Cup Noodles as a consumable item in its then-upcoming role-playing game, but the development studio behind the latest instalment in the Final Fantasy series was also hard at work creating a quest that would send Prince Noctis and his friends on a perilous journey to search for the ultimate flavour of instant ramen.

No, really.

It turns out that these in-game adverts for Cup Noodle didn't make up the entirety of Square Enix and Nissin's partnership. The two companies have managed to save the most ridiculous and terrible -- yet somehow still wonderful -- piece of cross-promotion for an utterly bizarre mashup commercial featuring both products. Behold, Cup Noodle XV:

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