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No Man's Sky

Hello Games has been hard at work trying to put out various fires since No Man's Sky launched two weeks ago, and it took to Twitter earlier today to update PS4 players on its status.

Both the PS4 and PC versions have received multiple patches to improve stability since launch. The PS4 version in particular had a massive, day-one patch that significantly changed how the game plays. The PC version was sort of a mess at launch, and has already received multiple stability and feature patches. To its credit, Hello Games has acknowledged these issues, and has apparently been working on fixing them since the game's debut.

You can read the full patch notes for the Steam and GOG versions here. While No Man's Sky had a rough start, it sounds like Hello Games is willing to keep working to make its universe into something it can be proud of. Hopefully, it's not a case of too little, too late, as many players seem to have moved on already.

Hello Games [Twitter]

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