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The Culling

The Culling was born of frustration. It began life as a co-operative alternative to survival games where players regularly screw each other over, like Rust or DayZ. But then as it became apparent that human nature inevitably makes every consequence-free video game space a lawless Hell on Earth, the game's direction took a turn. Now, violence was not just an option but actively encouraged.

Tonally, The Culling is somewhere between Borderlands and Battle Royale, which means it's essentially a gritty reboot of The Great Outdoor Fight. There are occasional 'jokes', delivered by a smarmy Claptrap-esque announcer. In fact, the lines are written in the great Claptrap tradition, in that I cannot recall any of them, I just know that they exist.

There's so little justification for the violence in The Culling that it almost feels refreshing. "Go kill people", it seems to say, "may the most depraved contestant win. Stop thinking about the Hunger Games!" 

For that alone, it has my interest.

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