Persona fans, take note: Exploring Kanji’s sexuality in Persona 4

You may have noticed over this past few months that I talk a lot about Persona 4, and that’s because I’m genuinely addicted to the experience that Atlus has created in the unique RPG (or for that matter, the entire Shin Megami Tensei series). Atlus creates personable characters with more than just a pretty face, which is a part of what makes the game compelling — they have many, many layers to discover as you go along.

Perhaps the most-discussed character from Persona 4 is Kanji Tatsumi, a young man who faces some serious questions about his sexuality. I had the honor of chatting with Samantha Xu (also known as Dtoid community member Superflossy) about the topic for an article she was working on for Gamasutra, which you can now read here.

For any fan of the game who has already completed their first playthrough or is merely starting to discover the path of the game’s storyline, it may be interesting to read about people’s thoughts on not only Kanji’s journey, but about the state of sexuality in games as well. Would it be disturbing for you to play a game as a sexually ambigious or gay character?

Colette Bennett