Persona 4: Teddie’s head came off!

Oh no!

Zipper-necked blue teddy bear Teddie deserves a real zipper and not some fake crap. He’s kind of the unsung hero of Atlus’ Persona 4, so if he wants to have a detachable head, well, then he should. Those unobtainable plush Teddie did the actual character no justice. Cospa is out to fix that.

Forget the eBay hunting and the exorbitant asking prices. Cospa is coming out with a proper unzippable Teddie for only $40. You can totally take his head off to see what’s inside. What’s? inside? Dunno. The images cut off right at the neck. Hopefully it’s not a crazed, horny blonde boy.

Hobby Search is taking preorders for the June release of this Teddie. If we get one, we’ll pull his head off to show you what is inside.

Cospa finally gives life to Persona 4’s Teddie in plush [Japanator]

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