Person offers to ‘show boobs’ for Captain Falcon or Pit amiibo

Advertises potential boob show by showing one boob

Depending on your time zone, this may be your final Destructoid post of 2014. If the doomsday predictions of 2012 come true two years late and this is the final thing you ever read, then I’m sorry, and you’re welcome. 

A Craigslist Miami listing is offering to exchange the sight of “boobs” for “Captain Falcon or Pit amiibos – $5.” The amiibo fan goes on to offer “more for Marth, Villager or Wii Fit Girl” as they “really want those amiibos.” 

There are a lot of things wrong with this situation. For one, the original ad makes absolutely no attempt to make an “amiibo-ob” or Captain Falcon-esque “Show me your boobs!” joke. There is also the fact that the Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager amiibo are relatively cheap purchases from Japanese import sites.

Then when you go really far down the rabbit hole, you’ll see that someone is trying to tempt people into paying to see boobs by showing you one of the (probably) two boobs for free. That’s a little too generous. Kirby may be craftily covering the areola here, but you could easily use Photoshop and Wikipedia to get the little nipple-looking fella out of the picture, copy, mirror and paste the image, and presto change-o, the once lonely uni-boob has become a truly erotic pair.

That’s the easiest way to get a picture of boobs on your computer, right? 

Jonathan Holmes
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