People won stuff on Destructoid today!

I’m trying hard to remember to end all the contests on time, guys. Please don’t be mad if I’m late. Be happy, like that guy up there! First off today, we have our $100 Asus gift card contest, which was happening over here. Community member Phantomile was our chosen winner: congratulations! If you want another crack at winning a $100 gift card, we’ll be doing another one of these contests next week, so stay tuned.

We also rocked out on Twitter today, giving away 5 codes for Turtles in Time: Re-shelled to lucky winners ChipDamage, BluePhaze, thephazer, ted_h and hoechst. I’m sure you’ve noticed we don’t announce Twitter giveaways on the front page anymore, and that’s because we figure by now you know if you want free stuff to kick off your weekend, you’d already be following us on Twitter. Or if you hate social networking, you can just sulk at home at not win anything. Don’t forget though, we still need volunteers to be Mr. Destructoid at PAX this year. Do you have the courage to give it a try?

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