People get shot in this BF: BC2 ‘Onslaught’ mode trailer

[Update] The Xbox LIVE version has been delayed, according to Joystiq. I love you DICE, really, I do, but you guys sure haven’t been lucky with your past few launches.

[Original story] Earlier this morning, we received a trailer reminding us that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is getting its new co-op-centric “Onslaught” mode today. How thoughtful! Had they just sent over a standard PR blast, this reminder would have likely gone unposted. They have finally figured out the system.

If you have three buddies willing to put up with your Bad Company 2 shenanigans — and, more importantly, are able to cover the $9.99 asking price — you’ve almost certainly stopped reading and have left the room to download this “Onslaught” add-on, because you were already sold on it.

Who here is feeling this one? For me personally, I think the BC2 ship has sailed.

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