People dislike paying $60 for videogames? Why? Why!?

Who would have thought it? There are some people out there who think that $60 for a videogame is too much! Actually, there’s quite a lot of people, if a recent survey is anything to be believed.

Frank N. Magid Associates has been studying consumer attitude toward current-gen software prices and it certainly doesn’t look good for the publishers. Of 452 people surveyed, here is what they had to say:

  • 43% said theyʼd wait for next-gen game prices to drop
  • 30% would buy more used games
  • 23% would buy fewer games at $60 a pop
  • 17% would rent more games rather than purchase them
  • 17% said that for the right game, price would not matter

What think you, gentlemen? Game prices are certainly felt more these days,  especially since last-gen game prices had been declining as current-gen systems loomed on the horizon. Still, at least in the UK, you never have to pay full retail price for a game provided you know where on the Internet to shop.

James Stephanie Sterling