Pee, lift weights, shoot hoops in Duke Nukem Forever

I didn’t ever really expect to be playing Duke Nukem Forever. But in my dreams, when I did, I was just shooting, kicking ass, and complaining about how I was all out of bubblegum. Gearbox has other ideas.

In the opening moments of the Duke Nukem Forever demo, playable to the public at PAX this weekend, Duke Nukem takes a leak. What’s more, you press a button in order to make him pee. But the level of interactivity with Duke and his world doesn’t stop there. As Duke you’ll also be able to play basketball, pump iron, read “adult magazines,” and even draw nasty messages on white boards. Oh, and drool over half-naked women… how very Duke Nukem of you.

Yeah, all of that shooting and kicking ass I’d dreamed about, it seems we’ll get it in 2011 when the game ships for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. We’ll be able to do it all over, too, from the Vegas Strip to the Hoover Dam.

I had come to accept that Duke Nukem Forever would have to live only in my dreams. But learning that it’s a game where I can both play basketball and take a leak (eat that NBA Elite 11!), well, it can’t come soon enough. 

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