Part of latest Gears 2 patch probably not working offline

Some offline Gears of War 2 enthusiasts aren’t happy with Title Update 4. In addition to adding XP to Horde mode, Epic Games added oomph to the smoke grenade. The sissy projectile now causes a momentary cringe effect on players during animations. While people seem somewhat fine with the change, they aren’t in love with the update. According to a few rabble-rousers on the game’s official message board, the added cringe effect won’t work offline.

Title Update 4 was released on June 3 and was accompanied by a bonus XP weekend deal, a celebration of sorts for the American national holiday. Instead of barbequing or risking their lives with mini-ballistics, Gears 2 message board users have been furiously posting in a thread about the issue. It’s currently over 65 pages long.

Apparently, national videogame tournaments that feature Gears 2 are still playing games over LAN, so this is a bummer for those who desire to compete with Title Update 4.

We can’t verify the offline cringe claim. It’s 2009 and the Internet exists. But we get your complaint: just give Epic some time. Dudes are probably off for the weekend.

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