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Paradox sale has Stellaris for $30, Cities: Skylines for $12

2016-04-25 23:00:00·  3 minute read   ·  Dealzon@Dealzon

Grand strategy fans take note

Strap on your Napoleonic general's cap. This week, Green Man Gaming is hosting a Paradox Interactive publisher sale with instant discounts for up to 80 percent off the Crusader Kings and Magicka series and more. The sale runs until Friday, April 29 at 9:00am Pacific.

That exact same expiration time coincides with another GMG Paradox discount worth checking out: 25 percent off next week's release of Stellaris. The Paradox-in-space title drops from $39.99 to only $29.99 after a $10 price break. This deal includes all the pre-order bonuses that you would get on Steam like the Creatures of the Void DLC.

Use code: DEALZON25

For the Paradox sale itself, you'll need to use a 20 percent off code. Unlike Stellaris, the code stacks with any instant savings, making discounts as high as 84 percent off list prices. Most titles are at or near their all-time low price. Good picks include Knights of Pen & Paper 2, the Victoria series, and of course Cities: Skylines.

For these deals use code: DEALZON20

Crusader Kings:


Paradox Bundles:

Euorpa Universalis:


Hearts of Iron:


Knights of Pen & Paper:


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