Pac-Man VS. coming to DS; deluge of touching/swallowing jokes coming to ‘net

Remember Pac-Man VS.? It was that wacky, ingenious, 4-player GameCube version of Pac-Man, in which four people equipped with their own Gameboy Advances, would e-LARP the cat-and-mouse orgy of death that is Pac-Man. The title was completely overlooked by the average gamer, as it was only released as a “pac”-in (damn I’m clever!) with Pac-Man World 2, I-Ninja and R: Racing Evolution; games that were largely relegated to fluffing copies of Luigi’s Mansion due to their unappealing main characters and their excellence at masturbating faux-Italian plumbers.

Thankfully, Namco has decided to re-release the title in the upcoming Namco Museum for the Nintendo DS. Thanks to the portability and game-sharing abilities of the DS (not to mention its ubiquity), people actually have a chance of getting a multiplayer game set up this time!

Of course, the rest of the titles on the Namco Museum anthology are the same rehashes you’ve been playing since before your girlfriend was born (Dig Dug II, Xevious, Galaga … etc.), but since Pac-Man VS. is the video game equivalent of group sex, most people won’t even notice that the other titles are on the cart.

(Editor’s Note: I’m totally not taking credit for that picture above, but since I can’t move, I’m rather proud to be able to admit that that graphic is the pinnacle of Pac-related humor and I simply could not top it. You have to know when to fold ’em … — Nex)

Earnest Cavalli
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