Pac-Man spotted on a British runway

I’m not much of a fashion guy. I think the most fashion forward thing that I own is a brown sweatshirt. But these models clearly have their fingers on the planet’s collective style pulse. As you can see, these lovely ladies have forgone crazy hairdos and feathery hats for a more extravagant headpiece, one which requires the eyes of a quarter-chugging 80’s joystick gentleman to notice. Do you see what I see? Yeah, that’s totally Pac-Man.

Honestly, I haven’t the slightest clue what this is all about or if these models are really displaying Pac-Man and Blinky headpieces. What I do know is that they’re very British, very skinny, walk erect, and seem to enjoy coin-op classics.

These pictures have really got me thinking about what other characters could be used in a fashion show. Certainly a Mr. Destructoid appearance would be amazing, but I wonder how well a Master Chief or a Crash Bandicoot mask would do on the catwalk?

[via 2pStart]

Brad BradNicholson