Overlord II dev diary promises much more evil (also, harems)

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I’m probably the biggest Overlord fan on staff, and pretty much fell in love with Codemasters’ original title on sight. My only real problem was that the titular Overlord was never really as evil as he was advertised, and you were more “amoral” than a truly malevolent dictator. This new developer diary takes note of such criticism, and is promising that proper tyranny will be on offer in Overlord II. Yes!

Rather than working to make villagers love you, the new Overlord can either loot, burn, rob and kill, or he can subdue innocent people, turning them into mindless slaves. This new “destruction and domination” system should be a lot more rewarding than the last game, and make things a little more cruel. 

I was sold the moment it was announced, but this developer diary, promising an Overlord with balls (in more ways than one), is really getting me excited. Hit the jump for the video, and check out the two screens Codies sent to us.

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