Overdue: Hot Shots Golf gets new characters

After I review a new title for Destructoid, it’s usually shelved after we run the review, as I move on to the next title. This is not the case for Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds for the PlayStation 3; I still play it nightly.

I adore every aspect except one: the characters’ quirks. In this version, the golfers look and sound better than they ever have before. And you can change their clothes, swing styles, and even equipment. But you can’t change the stupid things they do. One character, Bjorn, runs up to the “camera” and sticks his face in it, usually scaring the sh*t out of me. Another, Sasha, does this creepy/seductive loli legspread before she tees off; I don’t feel right looking at it. Oh, and she frequently clears her throat. And this isn’t a womanly throat-clear; she sounds like a burly trucker! Why does she do that?

I could play this game for the rest of my life, but I need some new characters that don’t do stupid things. The PlayStation Blog gives me hope with the announcement of Gloria and Alex. Players know Alex as the hostess of the game’s menu screen. Gloria is…well, Gloria. I don’t know her, but she seems nice. 

They will both be released on the PlayStation Network tomorrow, May 15th, for $.99 each. I can swing that! Alex’s skill level will be intermediate; Gloria’s is expert.

There’s also a new game patch to download. See you at the course! 

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