OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND winner is declared

It takes real dedication to shave yourself bald and dance around in a yard with nothing but shorts on, but in sacrificing his dignity and self respect, which is something I always like to see, The Incredible Edible Egg has gone OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND and secured himself a DBZ: Burst Limit Xbox 360, along with the game and swag. 
Special mentions go to ZombiePlatypus’ topical comic, and The Bez who produced something that probably would have won if I didn’t have to show it to a PR company and say “send a 360 to this man!” Seriously Bez, that was truly amazing literature you produced. 
Many thanks to all who entered, and remember that we still have a bucketload of contests to enter, so don’t despair. As for our winner, please send me a PM with your address details so I can have Rocket XL ship you your prize.
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