Over 250,000 Castle Crasher downloads and counting

One would imagine that The Behemoth developers Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin wake up laughing every morning due to the critical and commercial success of their scrolling brawler Castle Crashers. Paladin revealed that Castle Crashers has now found its way to over 250,000 hard drives across the world. Not too shabby, I suppose.

“I was optimistic and hopeful for Castle Crashers, but I wasn’t prepared for the reception it got,” explained the game’s artist. 

Alien Hominid HD has also enjoyed success off the back of Castle Crashers, and Paladin claims that around five times the amount of people than usual have started playing it since CC launched. 

Dan also addressed the notorious network issues and stated that a patch has been created, but it needs to be tested thoroughly. “It is not a simple process of fix something and release an update,” he stated. “You fix, you test, you verify in as many situations as possible, you fix again if you need to, you submit the update to Microsoft, they verify the fix, etcetera.”

Well, with all due respect, HURRY IT THE HELL UP, MAN! That troll boss won’t defeat itself on Insane Mode and I need some bloody help, stat!

James Stephanie Sterling