Origins DLC delayed again, BioWare test plans to change

Dragon Age: Origins DLC “Return to Ostagar” cleared tests to make sure that it was issue free. As Origins owners know, it wasn’t. The content was pulled just about as fast as it went up, and don’t keep expecting it to hit soon-soon. Game online producer Fernando Melo has said the studio expects another delay and that testing policies will roll (and change) as a result of this odd mess.

“Unfortunately,” Melo wrote on the official Origins message board, “we did not forsee the changes being made to impact the systems it did, which is how something seemingly so visible still managed to avoid the dev teams, and multiple test cycles of seasoned QA all through internal teams, and EA and MS cert teams, and ultimately ended up out to the public.”

“To help us avoid similar problems in the future, we’re updating all our test plans across all platforms to take additional edge cases into account, as well as committing to more detailed test passes that will also prevent something like this happening again,” he wrote.

“Bug free is the way to be,” our DARE officer always said when he strolled into my 4th grade classroom smelling like deception and liquor.

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Brad BradNicholson