Origins ‘Character Creator’ launching October 13th

Remember when it took you over an hour to bust out of the sewers in Oblivion? Sure, you were eager to play the game, but that nose was just too wide and those cheekbones a bit too gaunt to save the world with. BioWare is hoping to kill this problem in the PC version Dragon Age: Origins with the release of the Origins “Character Creator,” the exact tool players will be using at the beginning of the game to build their unique characters. And the best part is that it’s coming out October 13th — weeks in advance of the games release.

It’s an anal RPG face creator’s dream come true.

The Character Creator will allow every type of character throughout the game’s six chapters to be created in advance. Also, because it’s ripped from the game, the save files will transfer to the PC version seamlessly. No more wading in a pool and fixing eye color before playing the game.

No word if this tool could make its way to consoles. As Eurogamer notes, the wording is “currently only available to PC players.” Looks like PC gaming has won once again. Somehow.

Dragon Age: Origins hits November 3rd.

[via Eurogamer]

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