Order Papa John’s directly through your PS3 browser

Look, I am not even going to pretend to be healthy here — Papa John’s (unless eaten in very small quantities) is not good for you. At all. However, it is totally freaking delicious, and I love ordering it. Soon, I’m going to love ordering it even more — because I can do so without even picking up the phone. I can order it directly through my PS3 browser using a dedicated Papa John’s button. Can you believe that sh*t? I had to go run and try it out.

In fact, I didn’t happen to be playing PS3 when I got this information, but I’ll tell you what I did do is order a pizza immediately before starting to write this. Because I started to actually salivate at my desk. However, the bad news here is that I ordered it on the phone because using the service was kind of a pain. Here’s how it works: if the PS3 browser is still set to its defaut homepage and you haven’t changed anything, the button is there (as you can see above). After you click it, it merely opens the Papa John’s homepage for you. You could have picked up your phone and made it easier on yourself. Oh well.

I’m sure this new feature will only serve to make gamers fatter and lazier than ever, but I still wish it worked the way I imagined it in my mind: click the button, my card gets auto-charged and my pizza arrives flawlessly. Maybe next year!

Colette Bennett