OnLive rolling out Wi-Fi beta this month, plus… deals!

Folks who hate wires rejoice! OnLive has announced that its formerly Ethernet-cord-tethered service will be rolling out Wi-Fi beta this September. No word on exact dates, but OnLive tells us that the beta service should be available to select folks on both PC and Mac.

Additionally, OnLive has announced a Labor Day deal, offering 50% off all of the games currently on the service. It’ll also be extending its Founding Members Program (“presented by AT&T) which allows qualified members to get a full free year of OnLive Game Service, along with the option to get a second year at $4.95 a month.

It’s all good news for folks interested in cloud gaming, which may or may not be our audience judging be the feedback I’ve seen in our community and comments. Personally, having spent some time with the service, I’m impressed by what it has to offer. I was, however, limited in my usage due to the wired restrictions — being able to use the service on my MacBook Pro from anywhere in the house sounds like a dream. As to the quality of the streaming games over Wi-Fi, that remains to be seen.

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