Online co-op level creation not happening for LBP at launch

In one of the more disappointing bits of news regarding LittleBigPlanet, it appears that online cooperative level creation will not happen until a patch is released after launch. The information stems from a posting on the official PlayStation forums by a Media Molecule developer.

The ability to create with your friends online will come as part of the first major update after the game is released. Offline creating with up to 4 people on one PlayStation 3 however is available right from the get go.

The poster, Sam_Protagonist, revealed that Media Molecule are “already hard at work” on the update and it is being considered as a high priority. No date for the update has been given. As pointed out by Spong, the ability to create levels cooperatively online has always been a presumptive thing. Neither Sony nor Media Molecule has promised the ability to cooperatively create levels via PSN.

A piece of me died upon hearing this. It’s like buying Mr. Bucket and realizing that there are only four balls instead of six. Mr. Bucket is totally still useable, but some of the fun has been quashed.

Brad BradNicholson