On XBLA this week: NBA Unrivaled plus two more

I’m no Samit Sarkar, but I can still recognize the serious lack of a downloadable, high-def NBA Jam. Hell, I’d be happy if they simply added online play and called it a day.

By now, most of you should have seen the NBA Unrivaled trailer up there. Don’t worry, it’s not your computer acting up — the animation really is that janky. Should you be blessed with the ability to stomach the visual tomfoolery, the game is 1200 MS Points and will be on PlayStation Network at some point.

Unsurprisingly, two more XBLA games are headlining this Wednesday as well. That would be Encelverment Experiment and 0D Beat Drop. When games are bunched together like this, it doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence.

Jordan Devore
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