On today’s episode of ‘Nerds Make the Darndest Things’ …

Sometimes I like to imagine what mixing two totally awesome things together would be like, Jade Cocoon-style. Perhaps a pterodactyl with a Moonkin from World of Warcraft.. I also like to dip my McDonald’s french fries in my vanilla ice cream cone (unfortunately, that’s not a clever metaphor for sexual activity, I’m just weird). But none of that compares to what “J. Grayson” came up with last night in his mom’s basement.

Mixing Nintendo’s “CD-ROMs are too futuristic for us” console of yesteryear with the good old Star Wars of yesterdecade, this modded N64 is sure to make the panties drop. Then after you realize your grandma is standing at your doorway butt-naked, I imagine a lot of screaming and a little therapy will follow.

So, where’s the Dtoid robot helmet / Commodore 64 mod? Any takers?

[Thanks to Christian Ponte via Tanooki for the tip, and the brownies. Pretty much the best thing Sterling Jim has ever put in his mouth.]

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