OMG! New Dead Rising content … wait a minute, what is this crap?

Major Nelson just posted about a slew of content that’s been made available for Capcom’s 360 zombie-evading romp, Dead Rising. We’re talking some free new constumes for our roving reporter, Frank, as well as some new gamer pics and themes. 

Well, hallelujah! More costumes! Nothing says “thanks for buying the crap out of our game” like three free new costumes: the pure white suit, the stripe outfit, and the accountant outfit. These new costumes have a stunning effect on gameplay … actually, they do absolutely nothing, really.

If you’ve successfully hacked apart every zombie and psychopath the game has to offer, I don’t see any reason why this content would appeal to you at all. In fact, I can’t really imagine how this content could offer anything but a passing chuckle to anyone at all. In fact, this is content that was available for download months ago at retail kiosks.

How about some new weapons? Maybe some new missions or areas? And hey, EGM, how about revealing the source of your “co-op” rumor so that I can go laydown a Dead Rising-style disembowel on ’em. As we move further and further away from the game’s release and closer and closer to the inevitable sequel, substantial downloadable content is looking less likely. 

Which is a shame, because I have some MS points burning a hole in my pocket.

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