Old Bioshock PS3 packaging pulled for a little girl

Life is all about second chances, right? A few weeks ago we showed you an interesting icon at the bottom of the PlayStation 3 version of Bioshock’s packaging. It showed a cute little Home icon. The art was hosted at the developer’s website, so we all wondered what exactly the Home integration would be. Since then, the packaging has been pulled from Digital Extreme’s website for its “unnofficial nature,” and some new art has been found by the guys at PSNHome.

As you can plainly see, Home has been swapped out in favor of a Little Sister. Digital Extremes had this to say on their website about the previous art they had available for consumption:

Note: The Bioshock PS3 box art, recently posted on our website, has been removed due to its unofficial nature. We apologize for any confusion.

My dream of a Bioshock specific Home environment complete with wallpaper, and clothing line has been smashed quite thoroughly. That’s not to say that the game will not include some sort of functionality, but it appears that the developers did not want to mislead anyone. Also, would you kindly hit the break for the full scan of the new packaging?

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