Oh, SCRAP!: Tetris reimagining released on Application Store

Yesterday, Splitcode released SCRAP! on Apple’s Application Store. SCRAP! is essentially Tetris with an important twist. The game allows you to stack blocks and create lines horizontally and vertically. It isn’t as confusing as it sounds, thanks to a visual aid.

Progression and points rely on a green bar that indicates what side of the game’s grid that you need to create a line on in order to progress. After each line the bar switches sides, which forces you to think about the entire board instead of just the immediate grab. In addition to showing you where to focus, the bar acts as a timer. When time runs out, the piece that you use is “scrapped” or relegated to a special column on the right where you can manually choose to use that piece again. (You can also choose to scrap a piece by touching the left-hand column and choosing not use the next piece.)

The demo for SCRAP! is available if you want to check it out. I grabbed it earlier this morning and I wasn’t too pleased with the game’s execution. Guiding pieces to uninhabited positions is easy enough, but I had big problems nudging pieces into gaps as advertised by this video.

What do you guys think of it? Is this a must-have Tetris App?

Brad BradNicholson