Oh noooooo! Mr. Bill makes his way to the App Store

Mr. Bill, the lovable but mistreated clay man popularized by Saturday Night Live, is an American icon. Appearing in over twenty sketches during a four year run on that show, he had his own program in the late nineties and has cropped up in numerous television commercials over the years. I suppose then that it was only a matter of time before he wound up on the App Store somewhere.

Capcom announced yesterday that you can now buy a game for your iPhone starring Mr. Bill. In the game, Mr. Bill is auditioning for the job of human cannonball at Sluggo Big-Time Circus and players must try and keep him in the air so that he may bounce off trampolines and be shot by trained seals.

The game has 28 levels in two environments and will run you $0.99. Pretty good value, even if the game itself looks a bit on the derivative side. Check out some more screenshots below.

Conrad Zimmerman