OFLC lists Left 4 Dead for, uh … the Nintendo DS?

We’re excited about Left 4 Dead, and if we had time, we would play it on both the Xbox 360 and the PC. At the same time, if possible. Also, if the rumored PS3 versions comes to light, we might buy that, too. Just in case something happens to our 360 and PC copies. 

But how about on the Nintendo DS? Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification is listing a version of Left 4 Dead for Nintendo’s handheld, and if this turns out to be an actual product, our minds are blown. The listing shows Valve as both author and publisher, with Electronic Arts behind the publishing wheel, and is rated “MA 15+” for strong violence. Well, we’d certainly hope so. 

Listings like this are often bunk, but are just as often indications of awesomeness just on the horizon. We’re not boarding up our windows to fend off the portable zombie hordes just yet; we’ve pinged Valve for comment, and we’ll update when we hear more.

Nick Chester