Official Fallout 3 content editor released, hilarious mods to possibly ensue

Notice the quote in the image directly above? Yep, Freddy Krueger actually dropped that line in the movie Freddy’s Dead. I’ll have you know I’ve been waiting all year for an excuse to get a quote from that glorious movie onto Destructoid, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Earlier today, Bethesda Softworks released the Garden of Eden Creation Kit, Fallout 3‘s official editor. As with every other big-name title that has mod creation tools, I fully expect to see you guys come up with all sorts of crazy, disturbing, and even hilarious quests while I sit on my ass and mash on this keyboard.

Intrigued by the G.E.C.K.? You should be. The toolkit can be downloaded here, while the official Wiki and instructional videos reside right here and over there.

While we wait for Bethesda to finish up that promising DLC, what would your dream quest and/or mod for Fallout 3 be? Super Mutant Behemoth deathmatches? Forty frag mines and an old man? You tell us!

[Image via BethBlog]

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