Official Elden Ring art books are now listed for pre-order

Elden Ring

Get a closer look at the Lands Between

For super fans, buying an art book can be one of the most gratifying pieces of merch you can collect, whether it’s for their favorite show, film, or of course, game. I’m someone who really loves to see how the sausage gets made, and having a book I can flip through from time to time and get a peek at the artistic process behind one of my favorite things is weirdly important to me. If you’re a fan of Elden Ring and feel the same way, you’re in for a treat, because FromSoftware has opened the pre-orders for the game’s two-volume art book.

As the best books usually are, these volumes are both oversized hardbacks at 8.25″ x 11.75″. There’s plenty of content for FromSoft to show off, because the first volume is 432 pages, and the second is 384 pages long. The former will feature art of the game’s opening cinematic, as well as key art, concept art, and development design documents focused on the Lands Between, its dungeons, characters, and armor designs. The latter volume will highlight the game’s enemies, items, and weapons.

Image via FromSoftware

It’s looking like Amazon is the only place to pre-order the books in the western regions as of now, but there’s a chance that they’ll be available from other retailers once we’re closer to the July 25, 2023 release date. As of now the books are also both listed for $59.99 a pop, so they’ll be an investment for sure.

For a game as big and beautiful as Elden Ring, it would be a real shame for any of the development work to go unnoticed, because the team clearly worked hard to bring its world to life. Like I said, I love art books on principle, but I truly can’t think of a property that’s more deserving of one.

[Featured Image via FromSoftware]
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